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IUPAP Sponsored Conference to be held at
Guangxi Normal University
, Guilin,
August 19 - 23, 1999

'99 International Conference of Physics Teachers & Educators('99ICPT)

TURNING THE CHALLENGE INTO OPPORTUNITIES: the Historic Mission of Physics Teacher for the Next Millennium

International Advisory Committee Organizing Committee
The Participants and Languages The Venue
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The rapid development of science and technology, the fast change in economy and society has always had a strong impact on Science Education. In a world tied together by the Information Superhighway all countries feel the impact. With the modernization of their social and economic situations, more of the developing countries have started to join with the developed countries in the process of expanding and improving the role of science education. Physics education in particular is "enjoying" a greater challenge than ever before. The role of teachers, their preparation and enthusiasm, has become particularly important in coping with the difficulties of bringing about real changes. A physics or science educator working in teacher education may be in a strong position to influence the practice in physics education. S/he can play a more effective role by having frequent communication with the practicing teachers.
The goal of the conference is to promote and develop the teacher's enthusiasm for changing their practice of physics education, to exchange ideas and practical experiences in solving the problems of teaching physics and to strengthen exchanges among physics teachers and educators.

Sponsored by

International Union of Pure and Applied Physics(IUPAP)
International Commission on Physics Education(ICPE)
International Research Group on Physics Teaching (GIREP)
International Center for Theoretic Physics (ICTP)


Organized by

Chinese Physical Society
Guangxi Normal University

in Cooperation with
Association of Physics Education in Japan
Roland Eotvos Physical Society in Hungary


International Advisory Committee

Paul Black UK, Chairman, ICPE of IUPAP
Tae Ryu Japan, member, ICPE of IUPAP
George Marx Hungary, President, Roland Eotvos Physical Society
Leonard Jossem US, the Ohio State University
Edward Redish US, member, ICPE of IUPAP
Karl Luchner Germany, President of GIREP
Brenda Jennison UK, Cambridge University
Janchai Yingprayoon Thailand, Asian Univ. of Sci. & Technology
Nancy Law China, University of Hong Kong
LUO Weiying China, member, ICPE of IUPAP
YUN Ying China, Southeast University

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Organizing Committee

ZHAO Kaihua Vice Chairman, Chinese Physical Society
Hiroshi Masuko Azabu High School, President of Asso. of Phys. Education in Japan
LUO Xingkai Guangxi Normal University, China
Ujvari Sandor Bugat Pal Technical School of Nursing, Hungary
WU Zhonghan Southeast University, China
Yoji Takikawa International Christian University High School, Japan
Hiroshi Kawakatsu Kagawa National University, Japan
FENG Rongshi Shanghai Fonghua High School, China
WU Liyang Guangzhou Huamei School, China
LIU Bingsheng Nanjing Normal University, China
WU Zuren Physics Bulletin, Hebei University, China
GUO Yuying Beijing Normal University, China
TAO Hong Suzhou University, China

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The Participants and Languages

Participation in the conference's is open to anyone who is interested. However, the main participants are expected to be physics teachers at pre-college levels, university or college physics/science educators, and other people who are concerned about physics education at pre-college levels. The number of the participants will be limited to about 180. The conference language will be English, but on some occasions another language may be used and an interpretation service will be provided.

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Sightseeing and Other Activities

The sightseeing will include an 83-kilometer boat ride down the famous Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo and excursion to the major places in the city area. Additional excursions and a social program will also be arranged for accompanying persons. On request, tours will also be arranged for after the conference. Detailed information will be available in the next circular.

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Registration fee: 150US$ for a full participant and 50US$ for an accompanying person. More detailed information will be given in the next circular.

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March 31, 1999---Submission of abstract(s) for contribution(s).
May 31, 1999---Submission of Registration form.

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