1. Facilitation of communication

1) Languages

The conference language will be English. However, being aware of the language barrier the conference organizers will try their best to provide translation assistance and cooperation from all the presenters will be highly appreciated. The detailed requests will be sent to each presenter by the program organizer later.

2) Background papers

Several papers describing physics education background information in relative countries have been available as a result of special contributions by several experts to the conference participants.

3) E-mail service

An E-mail corner will be set up in the conference office for the attendees to retrieve and send e-mail message during the conference.

2. Conference Site

The conference will be held at the new campus of the Guangxi Normal University (GNU) where the Physics Laboratory Building (PB) will serve as a center of the conference hosting all talks, poster sessions and most workshops. The public lecture will take place at the Open-air Theater (OT) in the same campus.

3. Technical assistance

Overhead projectors, VCR preferring PAL tape, projectors with both computer and VCR interfaces, 35mm slide projectors, IBM compatible computers running under Windows 95/98 and board/table for posters will be provided on request. In China the electricity is 220V, 50 Hz. Please specify all your requirements for using equipment on your registration form.


1. Visas

Please contact as early as possible the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country to apply the F visa issued for culture exchange. For such a visa, a government note is needed. Those who have not gotten the note, please contact the conference organizer as soon as possible.

2. Climate

Guilin enjoys the reputation of being one of the most beautiful places in the world. Its weather is also moderate most of the time. But in late August it is still a little bit hot in Guilin. The average daytime temperature is 28?. But the conference rooms, the transport as well as the hotel are air-conditioned.

3. Travel to Guilin

Guilin is very easy to reach by air every day from Hongkong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other important Chinese cities. The local organizer will send somebody to meet you at the Guilin International Airport if clear arrival message is received. A participant is supposed to have no difficulty to book a connection ticket to Guilin on his or her own. However, if you do have big difficulty to do that, please then contact the conference organizer to request assistance.

5. Important date Deadlines

July 5, 1999---For sending Registration Form and registration fee.

August 5, 1999---Cancellation with full refunding less 30US$ charge.